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General Questions

How Can I Open The Side Menu?

1. Double click on the Navbar.
2. Click on the Menu Button
3. Go to the Settings Panel and click on Open

Why When I Click On A Link The Page Turns All White?

That is because the link item is linked to a interaction that changes the opacity of the page to 0%.

To fix this is very simple.

1. Select the link that gives the problem.
2. Go to the interactions Panel and change the interaction to none.

How Can I Add A New Faq Item?

1. First of all, you need to know how every Faq Item is made up.
Inside every Faq Item, there is a Question link box and a div called Hidden Item.
For every Faq Item there is a unique Hidden Item, numbered in this order: Hidden Item 1, Hidden Item 2, Hidden Item 3, etc.

2. Every Question link box is linked to a interaction.

Knowing that, you are ready to create a new Faq Item!

3. Watch this video:
In this video you will see:
-Copy and paste a Faq Item.
-Then, change the name of the new Hidden Item to the corresponding next number for the Hidden Item.
-Click on the Question link box and go to the Interactions Panel.
-There, just change open the interaction and change the name of the Hidden Item to the recent created name.
Seems, a little bit complicated but is not.
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